Sunday, 27 March 2022


 when it is SUN- day, we do the Calico Dance!

It is basically playing a song that has 3 chords and then you dance to it with 3 simple movements. And repeat. It helps if you wear 3 colours.

Calico Dance

After that, you can start painting! There is no need to make any sketches or plan anything, nor do you need any concept or meaning, just take a few colours, and apply random lines and shapes on the paper. We recommend not more than 4 colours. If a bird comes walking into your painting, you can decide to ask it to leave or let it stay.

Then we recommend you go out and get your hands dirty. Dirt is good for you.

Going For A Walk
Go for a walk somewhere. Anywhere. If you have a place that you wanna get to, it DOES NOT count. You gotta just walk for the walk itself.

Meet up with a friend. Even if it is IMPOSSIBLE to do so. Find a way. 

Walking Stick
It's A Good Life, If You Don't Weaken.

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