Tuesday, 21 December 2021

What Are You Reading? Day 7, Part 2

Kelvin reads Collected Poems by Philip Larkin

I have this book too. I must admit I don't understand everything I have read. But what I have read, including what I don't really understand, have an effect on me. This is one of Kelvin's favourite books. (I noticed the shiny leather shoes that Larkin is wearing in the book cover. You probably can't tell from my painting here. And he got one of the most troubled-looking faces.)

What Are You Reading? Day 7, Part 1

Kelvin reads Improvisation by Derek Bailey

To me, Kelvin is a master of improvised music. I have seen him walk into a recording studio and just played. I am not sure if he needed to read a book on Improvisation.

I bet this book isn't talking about techniques at all, maybe more an attitude towards life. Or maybe more about the history and forms of improvisation in different kinds of music. I will need to read the book myself.