Monday 5 April 2021

Gray flowers

Gray Flowers, acrylic on paper

my neighbours part 1

Here are some of the portraits that I have made for an on-going project I am working on. They are based on and inspired by the people I see in my neighbourhood.

I saw her whistling on her bicycle, looking happy.

He takes his pet parrot everywhere he goes. There is a chain around one of the bird's feet but I have forgotten to paint it.

"I am 77. My husband had a stroke when he was 68. My shoes cost $5. I circle the block 3 times every morning. " She is one of the most jolly-looking old ladies I have ever met.

She sits there talking to herself, clutching a box.

I don't see him anymore. What has happened to him? All the senior members of the Senior Citizens' corner are not around anymore. 

He had a stroke and can no longer walk. I used to see him standing by his window everyday looking at the chicken and her mate. Then the chicken and the rooster disappeared. And I stop seeing him standing there when I walk past.

He jogs every morning, rain or shine. He has badly bent legs and looks like he is about to fall over with every step he makes. 

He has a corner of the void deck set up with a swivel chair, a small bookcase and a table. He used to walk around with his crutches. Not anymore.

The boy has an in-toeing gait. He does not wear proper school shoes but sandals with socks. His young mother is always in a hurry. He has black, uncombed hair.

She is always seen with a crutch and glittery eye shadow. She has eyes that stare blankly past you.

She inches with effort as she walks but refuses to have a walking stick. She thinks that love and freedom are the most important things in life.
"Stop staring at my daughters."
 The sun made her squint.

She slaps her face as she walks to the shops to buy food. Then she slaps her face when she walks home.

She lugs a trolley around calling out to the cats living on the streets. She feeds them at the same time every day and has a name for every cat. 

She has big, red hair and wears the same clothes every day. She bought herself a part of the moon from the 24-hour supermarket one evening.

She is always wearing her crochet beanie. Her husband is always behind her with rolled up newspapers.

She always sits on the stone bench at the void deck, with a cup of ice water. Sometimes she makes these sounds with her mouth open and her tongue sticking out.