Tuesday 30 May 2023

welcome home, Sammy!

 Dear Mr Whale,

Sammy is home! I am so happy to see him!

I can feel his ribcage under his thick wool, but he seems pretty healthy.

I hope he will stop his wandering one day. But no one can stop a free spirit...

Do you think Sammy is a free spirit or just another lost sheep, Mr Whale?

With big Sammy hugs to you,

Auntie Joo

PS. I was so overjoyed seeing Sammy I accidentally squeezed out too much blue paint. So I ended up giving Loretta blue eye shadows. I think they go well with her wet hair.

Saturday 20 May 2023

you gotta see

Dear Mr Whale,

It is a gray day today. Overcast.

Sometimes the light is too bright and....it is hard to see.

In the dim light I see.

In the darkness I see.

Yours sincerely,

Auntie Joo

Sunday 14 May 2023

happy mother's day


she wears her mother's scars

what we wear today


do you like my new clothes?

White is the new black

blue eyes polka dots

croc croc heart



wintry ochre flower

stained tablecloth


fake smile

summer clothes

static electricity

yellow road

red skirt for her prince

smelling the roses


depressed and out walking

peeled wall paint

wild dance

his new clothes

childhood frock

a smile!

Thursday 11 May 2023

Sunday 7 May 2023

Dear Mr Whale

Dear Mr Whale,

 i know you got the blues. Perhaps you have too many ukuleles in your possession?

No one needs 38 ukuleles, seriously.

You don't even play all of them.

I mean, you've only got 2 hands, unless you are thinking of playing them with your toes too???

I was reading The Noonday Demon The Anatomy of Depression by Andrew Solomon and he said (he should know, he has depression) that love is "the other way forward" besides seeing a therapist and taking medications.
He wrote:

"they need to go together: by themselves pills are a weak poison, love a blunt knife, insight a rope that snaps under too much strain. With the lot of them, if you are lucky, you can save the tree from the vine."

My heart sank a little when I read that.  But it has confirmed why I could not "make that difference" radically for you, perhaps I had overestimated myself, or maybe I was greedy to wanna see a "radical" change. Do you think it's time to see a therapist?

Like what Mr Fox loved to say " We battle on, star! With great courage and not a lotta cash!", I am gonna send you lots and lots of love and best wishes.

Battle the darkness with your special power, Mr Whale!

Yours sincerely,
Auntie Joo

PS. It might "make a difference" if you donate one of your ukuleles to me.

Green Vest

The artist and fiddler Howard R. wears the green vest.