Thursday, 8 October 2020

Hockey and the alcoholics

 I am in love with a big brown doggie that I always meet on my morning walks. His name is Hockey. He is 2 and a half years old. This is how he looks. <3

Some cooks look like the food they cook. Here is one.

I have never seen the Anger and Regret sign before. There are many of this displayed at the hawker centre where many like to drink from morning till evening. Here are 2 men drinking at 12 noon. I wonder how many of them take notice of the sign.

Here is another man drinking and talking, gesturing excitedly to his companion.

mum is getting frail


her knees are swollen and aching, some of her fingers are bent and they hurt

i imagine her standing in a field with pink clouds in the sky

sourdough zombie

she got high eating sourdough bread


green cat


eating sourdough and daydreaming