Wednesday 4 November 2020

Good Morning & Gracias!

 I see this friendly father and daughter every morning when I go on my morning walk with my mother.

The first time we saw them, we were approaching the traffic light junction. We heard voices from behind us. We moved aside to let them pass on their bicycles. The father yelled Gracias! And I said You Are Welcome!

When we had crossed to the other side of the road, I saw that the father was hugging the girl who was crying. Their bicycles were on the ground. I think the girl might have fallen down and was hurting. The father was comforting her and holding her.

Anyway, we soon recognise each other and whenever they pass us they will yell Good Morning, with a huge grin that you can see through their masks. The girl must have become better in her cycling skills because she even waved her hand at us when she yelled Good Morning the other day!

I painted them from memory. 

Cheerful, friendly folks with small and warm gestures like these make our day. <3