Friday 30 November 2018

speak no veggie

today I made some paintings for the Vegetables Society of JooJoo Land....the chairman of the society will be very pleased.

juggling peas

still juggling peas...

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9....

ooops. no more.

a corn addict

a chilli addict

a carrot addict

a beansprout addict
a long bean addict

another long bean addict

an okra addict

a giant peas addict ( they look like grapes I know...but they are peas)

a chilli addict

Speak No Veggie

Thursday 22 November 2018

untitled faces

stars and scars

my father has dementia and he can't walk. he is very sick. he is sitting on his wheelchair looking at me. but he does not look like he is looking at me. he is not really there. but you know, or want to believe, this trapped inside this stiff Lewy Body frame, is my father. I hope that he feels peace. that is all I can hope for him.

Gillian had bone cancer for some years. she was 14 at that time when I was her art teacher. she was wheeling everywhere in her wheelchair, sometimes aided by her friends. always trying to be positive, always trying her best in everything she did. then she got better, and could walk. this was some years ago.

a few months ago I heard that she had passed away.

what can we do about suffering? how can we turn scars into stars?

the old man and the dog

  I saw this old man walking his dog a few times along Proctor's road, near where I live. or rather, his dog was walking him. I think the man is blind, and he is also very old. his dog sort of tow him along as they walk. I feel sort of warm and fuzzy inside seeing them plodding along the way they do....I think perhaps they do this every day... I made the image I remember in my mind onto this piece of cardboard from a carton box that held some beer. the torn brown-gray parts are already there and they look like a house and 2 trees to I turned it into what I saw of the old man and his dog.

this is a drawing I made of them...from memory

Wednesday 21 November 2018

vegetable heads

Mama with cabbage

Jon with parsley

me with okra

Mum with tomato ( and I got the leaves wrong)

Poh-look-alike with garlic

Kim with unknown green vegetables

Gek with dill

Hak with coriander

happy girl

a portrait of my sister

Tuesday 20 November 2018

the bunny

no rabbit is gonna spring out of the hat. but I choose to believe in it.

Thursday 15 November 2018

sing to me of autumn leaves

Jon in autumn

Jon at Fitzroy Gardens

hope is the only thing you can hold on to

my father is sick. he has not been able to walk for more than a year. the doctors wanted to amputate his left leg from the knee down to save his life. we wanted to save him, and his left leg, so we brought him home. the doctors predicted that he would not live for more than a month if his bad leg wasn't cut off, but he is still alive today, more than a year later. here is him feeling and looking drowsy after his medicine, with my mother sitting beside his bed, just a few minutes ago she was showing him the 4D numbers for the day. 4D is a bit like lottery except that you make up your own 4 number-configuration and hope that you will hit the jackpot. one of my siblings who happen to be visiting that day would have copied the winning numbers in that gray book that you can see on his bed. they do this for my parents to check the numbers whenever there is a draw. i think there is one every wednesday, saturday and sunday.  I don't think my parents have ever hit the jackpot. but that does not stop them from hoping.

HOPE is the ONLY thing you can hold on too, in times like this.

i went back to spend time with him and my family last November. he told me one day that there was a bird that came to his room to visit him. i totally believed him when he said that. i also believed that he must have been delighted by the bird's unexpected visit.

I made this painting of my parents a few years ago, from memory. I made mum look like a man, and dad looks dazed here....he did have that vacant look way back then, perhaps he was already sick then, we just didn't notice....

even mum, who is always so sharp and observant, did not notice....

I made a painting based on a wedding photo of my parents the other day. dad was looking at the camera, and mum was looking somewhere else...
my father's dementia is deteriorating fast...but I know he still remembers me. below are some drawings I made about 2 years ago. I didn't know that my father was sick then...but I think he must already have been at that time...maybe even way before that, we just didn't know.