Friday, 12 October 2018

hey there little insect!

some portraits of my friends who play the ukulele :-D

I hosted a contest on this online ukulele forum a couple of weeks ago and these are the portraits of the winners! I loved drawing them.:-P

I also crochet a couple insect badges to give to two other winners, whose songs and videos made me smile. Here are my wonky but VERY SPECIAL crochet badges!

Born This Way?

Some people are born with an unibrow, some have strange birthmarks. Some people may have a missing tooth or two, others may have a cleft chin or a lazy eye. "BORN THIS WAY?" is a fun card game that trains us to be observant of any small or unusual detail on a person's face. ( available in our shop soon!)

"lazy eye"



"cleft chin"



"missing teeth"


"nose hair"

"red eyes"