Saturday 26 August 2023


an animation made in 2021

I had been listening to public speeches by Krishnamurti on Thought, Relationship, Conflicts and Image-making. When I made this animation I was thinking about some of the things he had said, which made sense to me. 

here is an excerpt on his lecture - 
Why does the mechanism of image-making come into being? 
Public Talk 3 Ojai, California, USA - 08 April 1978 

"So is it possible not to create images about the other? First of all one must realise that we do have images. Then to ask, how do these images come into being? We explained that, that thought in its very nature is a broken-up thing, a fragment. It's like a vase which is a marvellous thing and is broken, and a little piece of that vase thinks that it can put together the totality of life. So thought, which is born of memory, memory being knowledge, experience, thought is in its very essence the past, and so when you observe another through the eyes of the past you are not observing at all."

Monday 31 July 2023



Charlotte is reading Arthur's Mystery Envelope by Marc Brown

Sunday 2 July 2023

they are all talking at me

 an animation I made in 2021 or 2022... 

the cat came to visit

 I made a video using some paintings I made in 2021, and an improvised tune on my ukulele.

Tuesday 30 May 2023

welcome home, Sammy!

 Dear Mr Whale,

Sammy is home! I am so happy to see him!

I can feel his ribcage under his thick wool, but he seems pretty healthy.

I hope he will stop his wandering one day. But no one can stop a free spirit...

Do you think Sammy is a free spirit or just another lost sheep, Mr Whale?

With big Sammy hugs to you,

Auntie Joo

PS. I was so overjoyed seeing Sammy I accidentally squeezed out too much blue paint. So I ended up giving Loretta blue eye shadows. I think they go well with her wet hair.

Friday 26 May 2023

What Are You Reading ? - Bread and Birds and Scooters and Friends


One of Miyuki's favourite books in 2022 was Mr. Crow's Bakery by Satoshi Kako

Scarlett is reading Snakey Riddles by Katy Hall and Lisa Eisenberg, Sai is reading What I Like by Anthony Brown, and Ashley is reading Scooter by Vera B. Williams.

Tuesday 23 May 2023

Extra Duty

 Inspired by a real life event. 

Going with The Flow

Based on and inspired by a cleaner at my workplace. I love her dedication and attention to details.I use the term "Go with the flow" to show how she dances with the lines of the slats she cleans. It is a moving spectacle everyday. She doesn't speak English but speaks Mandarin in an accent I find difficult to understand. She also seems to have a lisp which makes it harder for me to understand what she is saying. But I did thank her one morning as she wiped the glass of my library door. It made her smile very widely. And it made my day.