Saturday 30 May 2020

A prolific songwriter

I co-hosted a ukulele contest ( the non-competitive sort) recently and made a drawing as a prize for the winner. He is the prolific songwriter from Catalunya Berni Armstrong. :) The drawing shows all his 14 originals that he submitted for the one-week contest.

The Throckmorton Uke Band

I was given the opportunity to do a commission recently of a couple from Georgia, USA, who love playing music together. They are known as the Throckmorton Ukulele Band. Alan plays ukulele and Terri mostly plays bass. I painted them in the coffee house where they usually perform. I added the little dolphin logo on their tops which is part of their band logo. I also included their doggy Huck in their band. Huck is a professional maraca player. :) THANK YOU TO GINNY TURNER FOR MAKING THIS HAPPEN. <3