Wednesday, 26 August 2020

paper puppet fun

 I made some paper puppets a few years ago and here is one doing a lil' walk/dance for you. hehe.

a strand of hair

 an original song written in 2015, with some cartoons made by finger drawing on the tablet.

she found a strand of hair on his jacket. strawberry blond and very long. he said it was his mother who came to visit, from the old folks' home. another strand of hair was found in his car. jet black, smelling of lavender. he said it was the insurance agent Amanda, who suffered from asthma. on their bed she found another strand of hair. sort of like...chestnut brown. "who was here?" she asked, "go to sleep!" he frowned. their floor is so clean it squeaks like a mouse. yet she found a strand of hair in the bathtub. short, coarse, and golden brown. she broke down and cried and cried and cried and cried. "that's our dog Fifi, you crazy lady!"

Thursday, 6 August 2020

album ( a poem by R. S. Thomas)

 I sang out a poem by R.S. Thomas.

baritone ukulele, voice, painting

Album by R. S. Thomas My father is dead. I who am look at him who is not, as once he went looking for me in the woman who was. There are pictures of the two of them, no need of a third, hand in hand, hearts willing to be one but not three. What does it mean life? I am here I am there. Look! Suddenly the young tool in their hands for hurting one another. And the camera says: Smile; there is no wound time gives that is not bandaged by time. And so they do the three of them at me who weep.

what we talked about when we talked about love

 based on a short story by Raymond Carver.

i wrote this song in 2015. recorded this version 2 years ago, i think. baritone uke and voice. the paintings are older. the lyrics are based on Carver's story of the same title. the story is about these 2 couples who sat around the table one night, drinking and talking about love. the scenerios below are 2 different stories that were shared that night. the beauty of this story, is that Carver also conveyed the underlying distance, yearning and dissatisfaction that seem to exist between these 4 different people, each with their own partner, and with their friend's partner, as they sat and talked about love. my lyrics don't mention that part of Carver's story. i just focused on the 2 stories that were shared. the one about the old man feeling so utterly broken hearted because he could not turn his head to look at his beloved wife, who was lying on the bed beside him at the hospital, because his body was so badly damaged from the car accident, that one moved me a lot. Terri had a lover he tried to kill her he dragged her around the living room by her poor ankles her head kept knocking on things as he went on saying : I Love Her what we talk about when we talk about love the old couple had a car accident multiple fractures, concussions but what was hurting the old man the most was that he couldn't turn his goddamn head to look at his goddamn wife - He Loved her what we talk about when we talk about love

Sunday, 2 August 2020

JooJoo Breakfast Club

 some illustrations to go with a song that I have written. Enjoy!