Thursday, 24 March 2022

it's all in your mind

 Today I walked out and saw the sky.

Then I saw the bird on the building.

Here is another "thing" in tight spaces. The wolf doesn't mind so long he is wearing his favourite clothes. He reads a book called Wolf by Gillian Cross. It won some prize, that was why he wanted to read it. (I have read it and found it boring. But the cover painting was beautiful. I checked out the guy who painted it, and sadly could not find any more of his art. Makes me think there must be so many great painters out there making paintings no one sees. The wolf, however, doesn't give a damn about paintings or unknown painters...)

Those book prizes...every kind of work seems to need some sort of valuation or validation or award to be recognised or appreciated.....This is the wolf's living room. Cool, huh?

I was looking at a book on butterflies today....they are amazing....the world we live in is amazing
I was also thinking about that thing about Val thinking that she was imagining the vibration in her boots. when there was INDEED an insect trapped in there....and it occured to me that most folks around me think of Imaginative as a negative quality to have when you are an adult. When you were a little kid, being imaginative was OK. Well, I think it was a natural thing for little kids. Perhaps that was how they try to learn and cope with a confusing, scary world - they IMAGINE.

(and we continue to do that all through our life...)

I am not imagining it, but did you know that the vulture can blush? Yep. Their skin becomes pink when excited or angry.  

I think that is a lovely pink colour on that vulture. This same book describes them as "ugly". I think this is not the best book for a child.

Speaking of colours, I was eating a piece of crushed raspberry Dragon fruit while looking at butterflies and vultures and -  I stained my clothes. 

And I had to make this for J. D., my eating buddy who knows my hearty (messy) eating habits.

and then of course many other words came to mind when Stain happened....

And, because I was thinking about J.D. and his incredible endurance for my messy eating habits, I made another comic so that those stains won't happen in vain!!! HAHA!

To end the day, here is the REAL calico cat sleeping outside the tennis court. Everything is good.

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