Saturday 26 August 2023


an animation made in 2021

I had been listening to public speeches by Krishnamurti on Thought, Relationship, Conflicts and Image-making. When I made this animation I was thinking about some of the things he had said, which made sense to me. 

here is an excerpt on his lecture - 
Why does the mechanism of image-making come into being? 
Public Talk 3 Ojai, California, USA - 08 April 1978 

"So is it possible not to create images about the other? First of all one must realise that we do have images. Then to ask, how do these images come into being? We explained that, that thought in its very nature is a broken-up thing, a fragment. It's like a vase which is a marvellous thing and is broken, and a little piece of that vase thinks that it can put together the totality of life. So thought, which is born of memory, memory being knowledge, experience, thought is in its very essence the past, and so when you observe another through the eyes of the past you are not observing at all."