Wednesday, 28 October 2020

another bad day, darling?

There is a lady who is always sleeping on this lazy chair outside her shop at Serangoon Central. The shop sells items for ancestral and deity worship, such as Hell Money, incense, pastries.
What caught my eye is the lazy chair she sleeps on. It is one of those old school chair with multicoloured elastic strings that give your skin red marks if you sat on it for a long enough time. My grandparents' house where I grew up had a few of those. I think those multicoloured pvc elastic cords are one of the coolest materials for a chair.
Anyway. I got "triggered" by the sight of this lady who is always napping on her chair, and made this story.

that night......

and it continues...

Tuesday, 27 October 2020

Oscar and Minx crochet brooches


Oscar is all dressed up for a jazz concert tonight. He will be playing the trumpet.

Minx wanted a mince pie. I gave her some caramel ice cream.

Monday, 26 October 2020

when all else fails, just keep whistling

 I saw them at Serangoon Central today.

 I saw this young girl with a crutch. But it was her eye shadow that stood out.

This old couple is the most adorable couple in Serangoon Central. It was her beanie that caught my eye first. Then the old man's friendly face.

She lives in the same block as me. She sometimes slaps her own face real hard as she walks. I have heard her cursing at herself as she slapped her face.

She cycled on the road like she owned it. When all else fails, just keep whistling.