Wednesday 10 May 2023

somethings are actually pretty OK when you don't think too much

 Dear Mr Whale.

Just because I sound OK does not mean I am not tumbling inside.

My full name is Joo Tumble Weed, remember?

Today I watched videos of the American Woodcock walking. It looked like a dance. 

This description from is spot on :

When it comes to silly walks, no bird outdoes the American Woodcock’s one-of-a-kind strut. It goes like this: take one step forward, then rock your whole torso forward and back a few times before sliding another foot forward — all while keeping your head perfectly steady. It looks like a bird with an undeniable sense of rhythm. It’s not entirely clear why woodcocks walk this way. It’s another of the bird world’s little mysteries — and one of its grooviest dance moves. 

I fell in love with this bird immediately.
If I could walk like that, tumbling would be a fun business.

I think a man's beard hides so much of the person, just like a mask. I always find myself needing to get used to your clean shaven face. My friend Ubik describes it as looking like a peeled potato. That is quite a good description.  The nakedness in the video of you playing that song was both difficult to watch but also quite beautiful. Beautiful in its rawness. 

But the lighting was not flattering at all. 
You need to get some new globes, Mr Whale. Light yourself well.

I bought some new paints the other day. I love them. They are so much more easier to paint with.
But it was only after making a painting with the new paints, that I started to appreciate the quality of my old ones. It is funny, isn't it?
That I have to learn in such a roundabout way...

Be well, Mr Whale.

Yours sincerely,
Auntie Joo

PS. I prefer the name Timberdoodle for the woodcock. Another good one is Bogsucker.

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