Tuesday, 10 November 2020

5th November 2020


( the mother of the twin sisters with some disability looked at me with an angry expression.
I wasn't judging them or feeling sorry for them, but she must get stared at a lot in her life. Maybe made fun of.)

( he was the fattest person I have seen in a long time in Serangoon Central, who also dressed in the way he did. He was taking a big bite from his sandwich when I walked passed.)

( I wonder what happened to him? There was a girl from my college who became disabled from a motor boat accident. She was a star in the Track And Field Team before the accident. This young man reminded me of her.)

( his wife died a few years ago from cancer. This is his new wife. A lady from China. She is always seen in her pajamas and running shoes. When I saw her yesterday I noticed her massaging her bulging tummy. Perhaps she is pregnant.)

( her husband had a stroke many years ago and stays at home nowadays. She is always seen with her winsome smile, except when she talks about her mother.)

( I noticed him staring at me from different parts of the market. Wherever I was, he would be staring at me from a corner. Because he was so sneaky I decided not to say hi. Maybe he was lonely.)

(when I was a child, she took the 2 new born kittens from a mother cat that lived outside our flat, which ended up in the mother cat crying for days looking for her babies. My mother told her to return the kittens but she said : "Oh she will have new babies in a few months!". I didn't like her very much ever since. Lately I noticed a mad look in her eyes. And she is always wandering about in a flustered manner as if looking for something.)

( the wife goes on her bicycle, and her husband follows her on his motorised wheelchair)

( the shirtless cardboard collector who lives 2 blocks from me. He sells cardboard to make some money. I saw him eating a packet of rice at the void deck area surrounded by what looked like 50 pigeons. I think he fed them. that was why they were all crowding around him as he ate.)

( a nice, laid-back lady whom I nicknamed The Frog Lady)

(my neighbour's Indonesian domestic helper and her very sick dog. She takes him on walks but she was more interested in talking or playing with her phone, like almost everyone. She has a mean expression....the way her features are knotted...)

( a lady who slaps her face as she walks, sometimes cursing at herself)

( my Malay neighbour who feeds the pigeons.)

(the former taxi driver who had a stroke and now stays at home. He is often seen looking outside from his window)

( my mother and her bird whispering...)

( an Indian man who has his pet parrot on his shoulder everywhere he goes. He keeps the bird seeds in his shirt pocket)

( a "rich-looking" old lady who stared at me after sitting down on the park bench in front of me. I smiled at her but she just kept staring)

( a relaxed-looking old man staring at me at the same park where the above-mentioned lady stared at me)

( he has severe bendy legs, bow-legged, I think that's what you call it. And a very hunched back. But boy can he walk fast. he is very friendly and happy-looking)

( the cat lady who goes around feeding the street cats. She always wears loose, colourful tops, has her red hair combed back, and wears heavy make up)
(I saw this the other day and it left an impression on me. There is something nice about the proximity of the man and the bird, each totally unaware of the other's presence.)

( the old lady and her grandchildren who are twins, as she told me. She is always buttoning the kids' shirts, tying their shoelaces, getting them ready for the childcare centre. I have seen her squatting with her skirt this way, as she makes her grandchildren look more presentable.)

(the Malay uncle who had an affair when he was younger...he told my dad about it....)

(she loves reciting ancient wise sayings in Teochew. She has gotten really thin and hunched back and finally resorted to an umbrella as a walking stick. She looks very sick....But she still tries to walk all the way to the market everyday, with her domestic helper with her. She doesn't want the helper to hold her though..)

(some older folks use a pram as a walker. Their grandkids must be all grown up now)

(she is the sister of the Cardboard Man. She is a little mad. Sits around at the void deck talking to herself, sometimes screaming and running about. Sometimes skipping...she is carrying a packet of cold drink here...I always say Hello to her or ask her if she has had any food. she has a sweet, girlish voice. She used to take the same bus in the mornings as my sister many years ago. My sister said she was "normal" once.)

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