Saturday, 3 October 2020

when i grow too old to dream

When I saw the theme of playing tribute songs to Seasons Of The Ukulele member Ukey Dave who had passed away suddenly early 2015, I chose his cover of this song for the War theme. His video is here.

Every week for many years now, a participant will volunteer to host a theme and everyone will bring songs of that theme. I was just learning to play the ukulele then and joining the Seasons was a way for me to share and improve my playing. I also wanted to share my art in my videos.
I made these portraits based on the portraits Ukey Dave used for his video, of people who lived through WWI or WWII or both. I added portraits of my parents, and that of Ukey Dave ( the last painting).
I have left the Seasons of The Ukulele now but I still continue to make art and music. When I saw this on my computer today it reminded me of why I joined the ukulele forum in the first place. I want to always stay true to why I make art ( and music).
R.I.P. Ukey Dave.

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