Tuesday 13 August 2013

what i wear today

1st August 2013 : SHOPPING CART
I went to buy groceries in the morning and this was what I was wearing.

2nd August 2013 : EASEL
I started the day painting and I had paint stains all over my shorts.

2nd August 2013 : BIRDS
Then I played the ukulele and sang Bird and Ships, on the floor. I was wearing my gray stripy beanie.

2nd August 2013 : TOO SHORT
In the afternoon I went to the art school to teach. I put on this vintage blouse which was too short. My students Jolin and Val could not help commenting on it. I had my Clarks sandals on and gray unwashed denims with a rainbow belt. I wore my Mercedes watch which my brother gave me. All my gear were inside my black and white checked bag that my friend Deborah gave me. On the way to school I dropped in at the hairdresser for a haircut which I loved. I also wore a sheepish expression when my students commented on my tiny vintage blouse. And I wore too a slight belly.

2nd August 2013 : PAINTING
Later that night I did some painting after I had my shower. I was wearing my watermelon tank top and thin yellow cotton shorts. The one-eyed cat came to visit.

3rd August 2013 : UKULELE
It's Saturday today and I went out with my mother and my sister to Tanjong Rhu. I had my uke with me and my Daiso scarf around my neck. My sister asked me why is it that all of us are flat chested in this painting. It made me laugh out loud when I realised that. I almost always draw everyone in my painting as androgynous people.

4th August 2013 : JENSEN IN DINOSAUR TEE
Today I decided to paint what Jensen wore instead. Darling Jensen is my nephew. He showed up in this awesome dinosaur outfit and I had to paint it.

6th August 2013 : APPLE SEEDS
I ate an apple. No more apple. But I painted the seeds as the background of  today's What I Wear Today. Perhaps I was feeling a lil' melancholic.

4th August 2013 : TIRED
This was what I wore in the night, as I was painting - a tiredness from inside.

I went to meet my friend Kenny and we had sandwiches for lunch. Kenny is a very neat eater.

7th August 2013 : ME EATING A SANDWICH
I am not a neat eater as you can see. I wore my awesome hand-painted ( by me!) tee and cut offs, red glasses and slippers. ( the sandwich was so so)

8th August 2013 : BLUE TONGUE
I had a lollipop today and it made my tongue blue. 

13 August 2013 : BROKEN
I don't feel broken today but my painting is. The pipe is actually an embroidery on my black tee, I have no space to paint it on the tee itself, so I put it there. Yes, it looks like I am wearing a fake nose. I wasn't. I made this up. Everything else in this painting is what I actually wore today. The pink thing ( not the arm, the other thing on the ground) is actually a felt brooch that I had pinned onto my tee too, but it dropped. ( in my painting, not in real life)

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