Wednesday, 1 May 2013

raining, buses, ukulele and rambling

this is Gylan

he is obsessed with buses

either the bus is very big or the man is very small

it is raining, and the girl is unhappy. but not Gylan. he is playing with his toy cooking ware.

it is still raining. it is always raining. Gylan takes out his umbrella.

if not for those guys on our car, we would be ahead of the plane and the helicopter

here is a late night TV show host and his side kick on the bus....

here is Gylan and Jensen and Gugu and Dagu on the bus, and the bear and the gigantic woman...

Gylan is also obsessed with a soft toy called Uncle Gorilla and he made me draw UG on this the distance a bus is carrying only 4 passengers. it is off peak hours ...

this is Auntie Ruby with Gylan and the rain

here is Spider man stretching his legs....

here is me rambling instead of playing the ukulele

here is me playing the ukulele because I am not inspired to paint. I am very VERY frustrated.

here is me ( I am very slim in person) chatting with Tom Hardy about stuff...

there is a HUGE poster of TH at our bus stop. can you believe it?
me rambling again....

MORE BUSES for Gylan!

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