Saturday, 10 April 2021

self portrait with ladder

I used a soft brush and it felt so much more natural. The colours I used are cadmium red deep, yellow ochre, black and titanium white. Oh, and a little viridian green for the blouse.

Self Portrait with Ladder, acrylic on paper

self portrait in poor lighting and feeling really lousy

Sometimes making self portraits is a way to confront personal issues which I find hard to deal with. The bad thing about it is that when I make something horrible it only makes me feel worse. LOL. By horrible I mean when I end up making everything bloody unnatural-looking. Today I went to buy  a pretty small mirror with lilac coloured frame and stand, and in poor lighting I painted what I saw in the mirror. This is what I saw. I like it. It is real.
Self Portrait In Poor Lighting and Feeling Really Lousy, acrylic on paper