Wednesday, 26 December 2018


wonder what happened to Tommy?


boy with hen


I made these portraits based on Zoltan Jokay;s photographs. To see more of what I have done, go to


playing with mum

reading with grandpa

Gray's Garden

when she was trying to tell me that she has watered the flowers at Gray's Garden, she said : "Graham's …..", the second word slipped from her mind, and she looked slightly frustrated. But the next second she was smiling gently and contentedly. She was glad that the flowers were looking great at her late husband's garden, where his ashes were buried beside his favourite tree.

boy with cat

Saturday, 22 December 2018

Mrs Pratt

Mrs Pratt lives across the road from me. She has a cat called Molly. She loves flowers, especially
pink Oriental Lilies. I made this drawing of her last year.

Wednesday, 19 December 2018

sowing seeds

a man is sowing some magic seeds at night. he does it every night, and the seeds he has planted the night before have started to sprout. this man is afraid of the world and life in general, but the seeds he sows will guard him and watch over him.

Sunday, 16 December 2018

Drinking tea with me

Graham passed away two years ago from today. I made this portrait of him and Beverley as young, proud parents of little Jono.

Friday, 14 December 2018

Auntie Elaine and Uncle Garth

Auntie Elaine is the younger sister of my mum-in-law. She is sweet, gentle and has so much energy. This painting of a younger version of her and Uncle Garth I made on a cardboard, and made it with a smile. I gave it to them and they liked it very much. :-D

Sunday, 9 December 2018

going home

a short history of everything

jon had an idea for his album of original songs and asked me to draw for are a sketch and the final drawing...
he wanted himself walking on one side of the globe and me on the other side, since I drew him carrying an ukulele I thought I would show myself carrying a giant paint brush:-D the stuff inside the globe are inspired, sort of,  by some of the titles of the songs in this album

I made a slightly detailed one and changed his idea of me walking on the globe to a young Jon instead. yep. 

playing music late at night

what do you do when you can't sleep? go to the basement and play some music!

a fish and some girls




my sister J. Gek

Kalps and me


gylan is my 7 year-old nephew. I am very fond of him. here are some paintings and drawings I made of him when he was a baby. :-D

Gylan around four....

grouchy Gylan

with daddy

with Granny

with daddy

with grandpa

with granny again

1 month old

with mummy

with granny

with daddy

with granny again

with grandpa

with granny

with mummy when gylan first started to walk

with aunt J.Gek