Sunday 19 September 2021

The Monster Sale

I put a Brian Moses poem to music today. Then I made some illustrations and made this video.

Monsters that wait behind your door,
monsters that slither across the floor.

Monsters that moan and groan and wail,
buy your monsters at the Monster Sale.

Monsters that bite and leave a mark,
monsters that shine and glow in the dark.

Monsters that look like you and me,
buy one monster get one free.

A box of monsters to put under beds,
a sack of monsters with two or three heads.

Monsters with chipped and blackened teeth,
monsters with baby monsters beneath.

Out-of-date monsters from the bargain bin,
monsters that fit inside a tin.

Monsters that tap on your window at night,
monsters that whisper, ‘You’re in for a fright.

Monsters that hide in your teacher’s drawer,
such silly offers you can’t ignore.

But our monsters need feeding to help them grow,
so step this way to our basement below.

Such knock down prices you just won’t believe.
Pity you’ll never be able to leave........

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