As I painted on over the years, I have grown to prefer painting portraits of people from memory, instead of relying solely on photographs. Somehow, I feel, I can bring out something a bit more about how I see them this way. Here are some examples.

Mum loves her flowers

Ginny and Craig, who play the ukulele together

Tommy loves to share the stories behind the songs he plays

Jon loves the ukulele so much he wears it on his fingers

Howard and Tricia play old time music together

Brian, also known as Ukefoote, has an unhurried, calm something about him

Brian, also known as pabrizzer, is probably the most prolific songwriter alive

I love the unpretentious, lovely way Alan plays his music. I also love his big glasses.

Here is Jon again, with the birds and his beanie.

Rusty once wore this striking red hat when he played his uke. I had to paint it.

Chris, also known as ceejay, is a joy to watch when he performs. His cat thinks the same.

Randy is here with his Flea concert uke and a twinkle in his eye.

Once never gets sick of listening to Brian ( pabrizzer) 's soulful, beautiful, sometimes thought-provoking songs

Like most ukers I have painted, Tommy loves his hats and his beard.

Peewee is such an awesome player, you have to get up from the chair and dance

Berni explodes out of your computer screen when he belts out his songs. Seriously.

Kelly is here singing Let It Be, with his cat by his side

I am still sore that I didn't win the maple syrup that Fred was giving away for his uke contest.

David, also known as Ukesterbrown, is seen here with his dog, playing one of my favourite songs.

I made this Mike Lynch batch with scraps of fabric lying around in my room, and had it pinned to my uke bag which held my first uke.   Many beginners go to his channel to watch his tutorials. He was great.

Here are my beloved nephews playing music in my room when they were smaller. I miss and love them to death.

Here is Jon again, who was known as Eugene Ukulele years ago.
How strange it is to be now married to this person whom I had painted years ago, when the only thing I knew about him then was his lovely playing and singing.

Jon and Zacko


  1. Just found your blog Joo. These paintings are so beautifully realised. I really love what you do. It’s inspirational. I find it hard to find the time to make myself a cup of tea these days, let alone sit down and make a drawing or picture, but this is really special stuff you are producing here.
    John (One Man And His Uke)

    1. Wow, thanks John. I only just saw this comment. Thank you for dropping by and for leaving this lovely comment!