Some of the illustrations here are things I made for videos for songs which I've recorded with Jon Duncan. If you are interested to watch the videos where these illustrations are featured just click on Two Little Woodpeckers.

I made some illustrations for the book Ukulele Adventures, which features duet and solo arrangements of classical and traditional favourites by Brian Fergus, edited by James Hill.

illustration for "Ukulele Adventures"

illustration for "Ukulele Adventures"

illustration for "Ukulele Adventures"

Oh my wife is tall and short

She won't do what she ought

She never lies, but then again she lies down all day long

Oh my wife is fat and thin, she's generous and mean, 

she's........and her secret's safe with me.

Oh my wife is old and young, so sweet with her poison tongue

On her evenings off she blackmails toffs but her secret's safe with me

Oh my wife is tall and short

She hangs out down the port. Says  "Hello sailor, how's your dad?"

But her secret's safe with me

Oh my wife is sour and sweet, she dit dit dit delete, she's lalala ladida

butter secret's safe with me.

Illustrations for the song Painting By Chagall by The Weepies

Illustrations for the song Sisyphus is a Dung Beetle, which I wrote
The old lady has a face of a sunflower.

Sun, light, the moon. A vampire on a rocking chair, smoking his pipe, counting the stars....

"Goodnight, moon," a bear whispered, reading a letter by the moonlight.

He, like Jan Vermeer, loves windows, moonlight, and travelling.

Someone dropped a pearl earring as she hurried out the door to meet her secret lover.

In the pitch black night, a dung beetle found the earring and started rolling it up the mountain.
He almost got ran over but he tried and tried and tried and tried and tried and tried and tried.......

A wolf in the garden pops his nose into a missing brick of the wall. "I HATE WINDOWS!" he cried.
A sheep laughed and walked away.

An old rat was eavesdropping from behind the wall. He too was scared of the sun.

Ill fated lovers grew their hair like Rapunzel. Skyscrapers swallowed by the tongues of fire.

On a busy street one hot afternoon, a man in black looked at the world through a manhole.

The children lied on their bed that night, as their mother placed a crate full of apples on the table.
One fell off and rolled toward the edge, and dropped onto the floor. Sisyphus is a dung beetle.

Illustrations for Lazy John, a fun traditional to sing

some illustrations for the song Poor Little Turtle Dove, which I sang with Jon

Four ways to look at flowers....

Illustrations I made on paper plates, for a song I wrote
I am.

I am, going to school, I am. Going to school I am going to school.

I am going to work, I am, going to work, I am. I work in a bank.

I am on medical leave, I am. On medical leave, I am. I am down with the flu.

I am staying in bed, I am. Staying in bed, I am. I am staying in bed.

I am going to the supermarket, I am. Going to the supermarket, I am. I need some chocolate and ice cream.

I am going for a walk, I am. Going for a walk, I am. I need to get away from here.

I am going to the mountains, I am. Going to the mountains, I am. I need some fresh air.

I am going to the beach, I am. Going to the beach, I am. I need to get a tan.

I am going to town, I am. Going to town, I am. I am gonna meet an old friend.

I am gonna get married, I am. Gonna get married, I am. I am gonna marry the man I love.

I am going to the funeral, I am. Going to the funeral, I am. 

An old friend ruptured a vein.

I am gonna say Goodbye, I am. Gonna say Goodbye, I am.

a drawing I made for the song Children Go Where I Send Thee, performed with Uncle Jon

an alphabet "poem" I made up, complete with illustrations 

Illustrations I made for Singaporean singer/songwriter Kelvin Tan's albums
visit to listen to Kelvin's music

Illustration I made for Ukefoote's music CD, titled Uke-lear Destruction
visit Ukefoote's soundcloud page here

Illustrations I made for an educational booklet for National Museum of Singapore

Namecard design for Room For Dessert, a cake shop in Singapore

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