Thursday, 22 February 2018

the heights your parents want you to reach

I was talking with a neighbour the other day and he was saying how we can just leave unsorted/unresolved shit for our children to clean up. I shuddered at the thought of that.
Anyway, this is NOT why I made this painting. 
Today, a thought came to me after I was racing down the ramp from our upstairs room to my art room 2 floors down. My mother-in-law can't even walk very steadily, and there I was moving like lightning.
And I thought, maybe I could make a painting about a group of people walking on a slippery ramp wearing uncomfortable shoes. BUT I didn't end up doing that. I made this instead.
Our parents have expectations and high hopes for us. Sometimes it is very difficult for us to live up to them.

Beverley and Zachary

Tea for Two