Thursday 8 April 2021

self portrait with hairband

Self Portrait with Hairband, acrylic on paper

Tried a new combination of colours today. Yellow ochre, titanium white, permanent rose, coeruleum hue( a sky blue colour), portrait pink, and primary blue. I really wanted to use just 2 to 3 colours but I needed the white to lighten and a dark blue to get deeper colours. The portrait pink was not necessary at all. Anyway, it is always fun playing with new colour combinations.

it can be a little confronting making a self portrait. This one is less so to me.....I dunno why, maybe because of the "fun" colour combination, maybe because I was wearing a hairband. When I resized the photo on my computer I accidentally clicked on a "paint bucket" option and it gave my painting a look that I find interesting. it actually feels more me than my original painting, so I am putting both versions here.

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