Saturday, 17 October 2020

Gugu and Gorilla!

My friend Kelvin wrote and recorded this song for me and I am so stoked! I think he made it up on the spot like he does with almost all his songs. I love it! I had worked a lot in the past with Kelvin on many projects and we just started to collaborate again. Check out his channel here 

Now lemme tell you a lil' about Gugu & Gorilla. It is the name of my art blog, Facebook page and Instagram  Well. the word "gugu" in Chinese means "aunt". I love my nephews a lot. Actually, I like playing with children in general, especially the little ones. I like the simple straightforwardness and natural curiosity in them. I had worked a lot in the past with children from age 3 to teenagers and I loved it. ( by "worked" I mean I taught them art) When thinking of a name for my art blog around 2015/2016 I came up with Gugu & Gorilla because I wanted something that to me is about honesty, simplicity, curiosity and the whole idea of not being afraid to play and fail as I play, try, and experiment, in my art. Also, I was away from Singapore at that time and my nephews missed me a lot. I made art and songs for them, so it was natural to use that name. The Gorilla part came about because Gylan, the older of the 2, was inseparable from this stuffed gorilla when he was very small. You can see him drawing with Uncle Gorilla in this video. Hope you enjoy this video as much as I enjoy the song and making the video with it! All art and videos you see in this video are by me. :) 

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